Top quality handmade knives

1. How to care for your knives?

  • After use, wash the blade, use dry cloth to dry your knife, then coated with lubricant, then store your knife in a dry place. Use the same treatment after you touch its blade, because salt sweat can cause the blade to rust.
  • When not in use , the blade should be removed from its holster and store it in a dry place
  • Your knife should not be used to dig the ground, as it will cause your knife to be blunt.  Earths minerals hardness could exceed your knife’s hardness, as well as the acidity of the soil may cause rust.
  • Your knife should not be used for digging burning coals, because it can lead to the reduction of violence or tempering steel blade, making it easy dulled.
  • Use a good quality sharpener tool to sharpen your knife/the blade (sharpening stone can be purchased at the supermarket).
  • Your knife should not be exposed to concentrated acid, because it can lead to corrosion/rust.
  • Please use your knife accordingly to its shape, size, thickness and sharpness of the blade angle.
  • The use of a knife should be appropriate to its function, for example: a knife slash to cut, Skinner knife for skinning or peeling , not to be used to cut bone, but Jungle Combat Bowie is multi-functional.

2 . Can I replace the blade and handle materials as listed in the catalog?

  • Yes . Our standard blade material as listed in the catalog is 440C, if you want to replace with O1 , D2 , ATS – 34 or Damascus please contact us, of course there will be a price adjustment .

3. Can I order T.Kardin knive using my own design?

  • We accept custom knife order using your own design. If you create your own design, please send us your order along with the complete details, including the size, preferred material, as well as other customizations. We will be happy to help you get the knife as you wish. It will take around 1 (one) month for production, depending on the difficulty level, the price will be calculated according to your order .

4 . Are all the knives in the catalog ready stock ?

  • Not all the knives we put in our website catalog are ready stock. Please check with us (link to contact us ) for ready stock knives availability. We advise you to order a custom knife that can be customized to your liking.

5 . Is the price listed in the catalog includes shipping cost?

  • The listed price in the catalog does NOT include shipping cost, we will inform you the shipping cost on the confirmation email that will be sent to you after you place an order .

6. Can I have my initials or logo carved on the blade?

  • Of course you can, we will carve your name or logo on the blade. For knives with Damascus material, name or logo will be carved on the rear handle .

7 . Do you have folding knife?

  • Yes. Folding knife is one of our top products

8. Are T.Kardin knives sold included with the holster?

  • All T. Kardin knives we sell is included with the original leather holster or kordura material depending on the type of knife .

9. My knife is damaged, can I repair it at T. Knives Kardin Indonesia workshop?

  • Our workshop serves repair and replacement of the damaged blade material, please inform us and send the knife to our address for repairing. We also serve knife repair NOT made by T. Kardin Pisau Indonesia.

10. What kind of finishing I can choose for my knife?

  • You can choose the finishing as you desired. You can choose the Mirror Polish, Satin Polish or Blackening. We use Mirror Polish for our standard finishing. Please confirm to us if you want another type of polish as your place your order.